Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

By using this website, Shopping Deals PH, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. We may be updating this policy from time to time. We encourage users to frequently check back on this page.

Any information this website will collect from its visitors shall be used primarily to give the site’s editors and administrators an idea of how people use the website, and of what they are looking for.

Should you be required to provide more personal information such as your name and email address for, e.g., subscriptions, marketing, or correspondence, that information will only be used for that purpose.

Most of the instances, users may find third party ad servers, ad networks, suppliers, sponsors, licensors, etc, in this website. We have no control over these cookies, contents and activities in websites that has been linked to and from our website. Moreover, contents, activities and links in these third party websites ought to constantly change. It is however stressed by our site that these links may have their own privacy and service policies; and activities in these sites that have been linked in Shopping Deals PH would be subject to their own policies.


Moreover, they may be instances that an advertisement would be delivered in the users by our advertising partners through the use of cookies and other non-personal identification information. This is due to that fact that advertisers send ads to cater their target market and they deem that the ads would be of great relevant to the user. It is, however, not part of the scope of Shopping Deals PH’s privacy policy.

The Information We Collect

All the information to be solicited in the website is upon the discretion of the user and that they could always refuse to supply personal information in the site. However, Shopping Delas PH, ought to solicit information to users in several circumstances including, not limited to, prerequisite for comments, subscription for RSS feeds via email, etc. Users can opt to be known anonymously in the former; but the latter needs a valid email in order to subscribe. Information may be collected if the user opts to give it to the website voluntarily. But it is assured that all submitted information will be in a high degree of confidentiality.

Moreover, the site may solicit hardware information upon the entry to the site. These information could include; but not limited to; IP address, browser name, machine’s operating system and other technical information that we deem vital to our site’s connection.

Links To Other Websites

This website contains links to and from other websites. This privacy policy, however, only applies to Shopping Deals PH, and which houses the subscription and query forms, comment sections that caters to users of Shopping Deals PH.

Many of the links on this website are affiliate links and will earn Shopping Deals Digital Pages a small commission if you click the ‘Buy’ button and complete the purchase at the merchants website. This adds no cost to you but helps keep us sustainable. It’s also worth noting that almost all resources mentioned on this blog are resources that we are signed up, paid up and regular user of.

Websites other than those of Shopping Deals PH may have privacy and user policies that deviate from this one. We encourage you to likewise take the time to read their site policies.