MamyPoko Extra Dry Diaper XXL, Pack of 40


We all want a good nights sleep but it can be challenging when you have a baby or toddler crying in the wee hours of the night. MamyPoko Pants Diaper has double leak guards that stores and stops leaks. With these features in place our babies won’t needlessly wake up in the middle of their sleep due to wetness allowing them to sleep comfortable.

What makes MamyPoko ideal to use is its stretchable cover and super breathable waistband that protects their skin from unwanted rashes.

Let your sweethearts have the best of everything with the MamyPoko Easy to Wear Diapers. Don’t compensate for another that lacks their needs.

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Product Description

  • Age: 29 months and up
  • Material: Top sheet – Non-woven polyolefin, polyester; Absorbent pad- Paper, pulp, polymer (29.4%) non-woven polyolefin; Back sheet- Film polyolefin, tape-nylon, elastic-polyurethane, construction-styrene elastomer synthetic resin
  • Dry Stripes Pad absorbs urine immediately and keeps baby’s bottom completely dry
  • Soaks up different amount of liquid
  • Breathable cover with natural cotton-like material improves breathability
  • Tape’s soft material helps reduce irritation


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